Greenville, South Carolina’s Friendly & Professional Family Dentist

Welcome to Pleasantburg Family Dentistry, where your beautiful smile is proof of our good work! Our exceptional family and children’s dental care is provided by South Carolina licensed General Dentists.


Everyone wants healthy teeth, and here at Pleasantburg, our highly trained staff performs all the important procedures necessary for proper oral health, from baby’s first exam to dentures for lost teeth. As one of the newest dental practices in Greenville, South Carolina, we use the latest, most up-to-date techniques to keep your family’s smiles healthy.


Good oral hygiene is key to your family’s dental health, and the first task we perform on new patients is a thorough exam. Many people believe they are brushing and flossing correctly, and discover only when they begin to experience pain that they are not. The best course of action is to find a dentist before something goes wrong so you can protect your teeth and help them last a lifetime! Our experienced staff can show you and all your family members how to brush and floss properly to minimize your chances of developing a cavity or other problems with your teeth.




We know visiting the dentist can be a source of anxiety for many people, and that’s why we take the extra time and trouble to make sure your family’s visits to the dentist are pleasant — that’s why it’s part of our name! Fear of the dentist is a learned behavior and can lead to avoidance of routine cleanings and procedures, resulting in cavities, tooth loss and worse. Here at Pleasantburg, we ensure that your children’s first visit to the dentist is not only not scary, but fun! We set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health.


Range of Options


We understand, however, that some of our older patients may not have had the benefit of a gentle, pleasant dentist when they were young. You’ll be in for a treat at Pleasantville, where all of our procedures are conducted with the utmost care and concern for your well-being. Any patients who have lingering anxieties about their procedures can opt to use nitrous oxide to help calm their fears and get them through their appointments smoothly.


Keeping your family’s teeth healthy is easy at Pleasantburg of Greenville, because we’re your one-stop-shop for dental care. No chasing around to different dentists —we do it all. Call us today to make your appointment to get the whitest, healthiest smile possible!

  • TVs in our operatory rooms and Hygiene bay
  • Private rooms are available upon request
  • Parents are allowed to stay with their child
  • Flexible schedules
  • No cancellation fee or penalties  for missed appointments
  • Same day care usually available
  • Parent/dentist interaction
  • After hours emergency consultations available for patient of records
  • Every hygiene patients leaves with a oral hygiene kit
  • Friendly Multicultural diverse staff
  • Partnership/hygiene screening available for local business, schools, and children organizations