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Most people aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth, and that has led to the creation of braces. Through the decades, orthodontics have changed drastically, going from some very uncomfortable and difficult to adjust metal appliances to the conventional options of today. Now, patients who are experiencing less-than-perfect teeth can choose from conventional metal braces, invisible braces, and some other treatment options that can get their smile looking straight and healthy. However, if you are just beginning to look into your treatment options, you may be wondering how braces work.

  • Conventional metal braces are mounted onto your teeth and are used to slowly shift your teeth into the proper alignment. Through careful tension adjustments done by your dentist, your teeth will slowly be pushed and pulled into the right position. This process can take many months to achieve, depending on your age and the severity of the alignment issues you are facing.
  • Clear dental braces are more of a tray that will go on over your teeth. This tray will be carefully made for your mouth specifically, and the first tray will be placed to start performing minor and gradual adjustments to your tooth alignment. Clear dental braces are generally only used with minor to moderate alignment issues since they don’t have as much force behind them as conventional metal braces.

Both conventional metal braces and clear dental braces require regular adjustments at your dentist to keep shifting your teeth into proper alignment. The number of follow-up visits you’ll be asked to attend will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Minor alignment issues will be fixed more quickly than more severe alignment issues. Your dentist can guide you on what option is best for your needs and what each treatment option will entail.

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