Digital X-Rays

Traditional dental X-rays are considered safe with the use of a lead apron. But wouldn’t it be better if we weren’t subject to any radiation?


Technology has not come quite that far yet, but with the birth of digital X-rays, patients’ exposure to radiation has been radically reduced by about 90 percent. If you are pregnant, undergoing medical procedures, are in need of multiple X-rays or just don’t like the idea of steeping yourself in radiation (no matter how safe) digital X-rays are an excellent option.


Digital X-Rays are Faster and Easier

Digital X-rays are also faster, because you don’t have to sit around waiting while the film is developed. The images are converted almost instantly and pop right up on our laptop, where we can zoom in on suspicious areas of your teeth to determine if they are just shadows or a nascent cavities. We can manipulate color, contrast, size, brightness – all in an effort to obtain the most comprehensive picture of the insides of your teeth. And if we determine you should see a specialist for any reason, we can forward your X-rays to other dentists and print out hard copies for you on the spot, saving time and money.


Reliable Comparisons with Digital X-Rays in Greenville, South Carolina

As we build up your file of images, we can compare recent pictures of a particular trouble spot to ones taken last time, or even years ago, to see how or if your tooth is changing and what can be done about it. The technology guards against over- or underexposure, meaning fewer images are needed.


Here at Pleasantburg Dental of Greenville, we are always at the forefront of dental technology – not just because we want to stay at the top of our field and learn the newest state-of-the-art techniques, but because doing so means we serve our patients better. And nothing means more to us than that.