Dental Exams and Dental Cleanings

Regular dental exams and dental cleanings are a crucial component of oral health, so here at Pleasantburg, we make your semi-annual checkups quick, easy and painless.


Diagnostic evaluations and preventive services are keys to keeping your teeth healthy. Our qualified professionals begin examinations by inspecting your teeth for any obvious problems such as cavities or broken or missing teeth. We do a thorough analysis of the teeth, gums, tongue, face and neck for any other problems such as gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), growth abnormalities and impacted teeth.


Dental Cleanings Provide Healthy Habits


For growing children, we also evaluate their bite and the development of their teeth, mouth and jaws during their dental exams. For young children who might be thumb-suckers, we review with parents techniques for gently encouraging the child to abandon the damaging habit. Other important behavioral considerations for very young children include not allowing them to carry a bottle around all day or take one to bed at night, or eat gummy or sticky sweets like fruit leathers or fruit chews. The constant presence of milk or formula in the mouth can lead to premature tooth decay. Although any sugar is not good for the teeth, substances that adhere to tooth surfaces are far more damaging than those in sugary sodas or juices. With any sugar, the damage can be mitigated by brushing soon after ingestion.


Despite the fact that most people brush and floss every day, their teeth still require twice-yearly professional dental cleanings. With the aid of specialized dental instruments, hygienists are able to gently but completely remove stains and dangerous plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and from between teeth, stopping damaging cavities before they start. While not dangerous, tooth stains, which can result from smoking or higher-than-average consumption of coffee, red wine or some juices, can be aesthetically displeasing.


Dental Exams for the Children of Greenville, South Carolina


Children’s dental cleanings are followed up by fluoride treatments to further protect their teeth. Some adults also receive fluoride treatments, depending on the circumstances of their oral health. X-rays are recommended for both children and adults, however, the frequency for adults is lower than for our young patients. If no cavities are discovered, then after a final polishing, our patients are given a clean bill of health and a dental exam appointment for six months later.


Pleasantburg Family Dentistry is committed to maintaining the oral health of your family’s teeth. We treat children of all ages, making us the Greenville area’s choice for a lifetime of high quality dental care!