Dental Emergencies and Trauma

No one wants to have a dental emergency or trauma, but if you or a family member does, you want to make sure you’re in good hands. Here at Pleasantburg Family Dentistry of Greenville, we keep space open every day to handle any emergencies our patients might encounter.


Chipped, cracked, broken or lost teeth can result from something as minor as biting down on a hard object to being involved in an automobile accident. Regardless of the way a patient has sustained a dental trauma, we advise them to keep the tooth moist by placing it back into the socket, keeping it in the mouth between the cheek and gums or placing it in milk while en route to our office. It is possible to re-implant a tooth that has been knocked out, but the tooth must be preserved and it must be done quickly — within a matter of hours — so don’t wait.


Dental Emergencies: Breaks, Cracks and Chips


If your tooth has been broken, it will need a crown, or cap. These are individually custom-made to match the form of the missing tooth. On a dental emergency basis, we can evaluate and treat the broken tooth and place a temporary cap over it while the permanent one is being made, which usually takes at least a few days.


If your tooth is chipped, it may need only filling or bonding to make it look like new again. Sometimes a chip is almost too small to see, but feels rough when you put your tongue on it. In this case, we can quickly file the edge smooth.


Take Precautions to Avoid Dental Trauma in Greenville, South Carolina


With dental traumas like broken or knocked-out teeth, the best course of action is prevention. Accidents, by nature, can be difficult to predict, but others can be mitigated by undertaking certain precautions. Full-face biking helmets are available but not commonly used. A mouthguard is a good substitute, because it can protect the teeth from forcefully colliding in a crash. Mouthguards should be used in any potentially dangerous activity like skateboarding, ice skating or contact sports like lacrosse and hockey.


Another way to avoid chipped or broken teeth is to avoid chewing hard objects like ice, hard candy, unpopped popcorn kernels or nonfood items like pens, pencils or toys. Don’t use your teeth as tools, opening hairpins, removing tags or opening packages.


Sadly, however, not all accidents are preventable, and that is why we here at Pleasantburg Family Dentistry are always prepared to step in and repair any dental trauma your teeth have suffered unnecessarily.