Children’s Dentist

At Pleasantburg Family Dentistry, we treat the whole family as part of our family!


As a family dental practice, we are trained in treating all types of patients and have a special protocol for young patients. If your child has never seen a children’s dentist, let us know when booking the appointment and we will allot extra time to sit with your child and show him or her our dental instruments before we use them. We even let children touch and hold the instruments so they can see they aren’t scary. We also use mirrors to allow the children to see what we are doing, how their teeth look, and to demonstrate and check for proper brushing practices after the exam and cleaning. We encourage parents to stay in the room with their children if they feel anxious (parents or children), even if they have been to a children’s dentist many times.


Children’s Dentist for Varying Ages in Greenville, South Carolina


Children’s dentists often work with babies through college students. From about the age of 10, kids start rolling their eyes when they have to deal with all the cartoon characters and princesses and pirates at every turn. At Pleasantburg Family Dentistry, our environment is appropriate for all ages. We have special children’s toothbrushes and fluoride to make the young ones feel right at home while not alienating teens or tweens.


Here at Pleasantburg, we can assure you that no matter the level of your children’s anxiety, we have the training to allay their fears and give them a positive dental experience. Our children’s dentists and hygienists have experience working with children of all ages.


Children’s Dentistry Provides A Lifetime of Smiles


We look at the big picture. We treat many patients from the time they are tots until they have children of their own. Unlike kindergarten teachers, we do not focus on only one age. We are more like parents, seeing the job through from beginning to end (but without scolding if you don’t brush religiously, only gently reminding).


It’s true that Pleasantburg Family Dentistry is named after a location in South Carolina, but it’s also named after our way of dealing with patients — pleasantly!