About Us

A family dental center should cater to the needs of families, and that’s exactly what we do here at Pleasantburg Family Dentistry of Greenville. You want your visits to the dentist to be easy, and we make sure they are — every one.


From the moment you place your first call to Pleasantburg, you are on the road to achieving excellent dental health in the warmest, most efficient environment possible. We always make sure you know ahead of time what to expect at your appointment, because many times people can feel apprehensive and we don’t want you to have any surprises.


One-Stop Shop


Our mission is to provide the highest quality care in the most pleasant and compassionate manner, and we are committed to doing just that, every day. Our highly experienced staff is trained to be attuned to the needs of all patients, young and old, so you don’t need to go all over Greenville to different dentists — everything you need is right here at Pleasantburg.


Our dental hygienists are warm and friendly, putting all of our patients at ease so cleanings go smoothly. And parents are always allowed to accompany children inside, so the kids always feel safe and comfortable.


You’re in Control


Pleasantburg’s dentists are highly skilled and, take extra time to explore with you all the options for the recommended dental procedures always leaving the final decision to you. All too frequently, overscheduled dentists opt for the quickest solution to patients’ complaints, but it’s not always the best one for them. We listen carefully to what’s important to you, then outline your options for you. We give you our expert advice, but only you can decide what is best for you.


We use the latest technology to provide you with stress-free care. Many patients find nitrous oxide helps to calm them before a procedure, while others find music or the sound of running water sufficiently soothing. At Pleasantburg, you have choices, and what works best for you works best for us.


A Dental Center You Can Trust


We consider each patient individually, and each visit is unique — we have no standard mold into which we try to fit everyone. As a patient at Pleasantburg, you have entrusted your dental health to us, and we take that responsibility seriously, providing quality care in an environment so relaxing that our patients look forward to their next visit!